The difference between winners and whiners (How i changed my life)

I remember a couple of months back, working an 8 hour job monday through saturday, travelling 3 hours daily between cities, slowly losing hope on life and thinking things were not going my way. Everything seemed to be going in the opposite direction. I missed meetings, missed deadlines, lack of sleep and the final blow came and i just dropped into a deep pit of depression. Every other bad thing seemed to just happen to me in order to pull me down. I remember those days so vividly that when i look back and see the man i was, i look down with disgust that i was just a whiner and always complaining about life but not doing anything to change my situation.

So what is the difference between me and the other beat-down guy walking on the street who has been in the same situation as i was and will always be like that? Well, i decided to have a winner mentality and not be a whiner. The difference is that winners are go-getters. We believe in what we see but that which is not yet tangible. At church they refer that to as faith. Winners keep pushing and even if everyone around looks down on you or feels pity and sorry for you, you keep focused and pull yourself from the rubble and move on. I am not saying i have reached my ultimate goals, no way, i am still far but i am saying i have sure come a long way and still going strong.

Seeing that things were just stagnant i decided to leave my place of work and just start afresh. I started my own business and registered my own company. I started going hard on all the things i wanted. Reading material that motivates was my daily bread. I just started a new chapter in my life story. Don't keep people that do not build you. A friend motivates and makes you realise you can always go a step higher. I had to look good and feel good so i started working out everyday. I do my push-ups, sit-ups and lift dumbbells almost each night and the rewards are starting to show. This is a winning attitude. You cannot allow life to pull you down when you have a skill that you believe you can do best. This day and age is not the time to keep contemplating on the things you believe in. Go get it and be a winner and not a whiner, always complaining about how life is treating you unfairly and not doing anything to change yourself.Look good and be well groomed. Smell good and dress your best always, whether you are going to the local grocery store or to the bathroom. Carry yourself with pride because you are special and unique. I am not saying its easy but i can see the benefits of having to run my own company and be working at the same time. The pressure keeps me on my toes but when i go to the bank i always leave with a big smile. I am 28 years and i see a future so bright i sometimes have faded vision literally. This is just an open letter to anyone who might be in the same situation as i was. Get up and do something about your life.Stop whining and start winning.

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Remember, you are a winner, get up and start changing your life!

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